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2018 Trade Show Workshop Descriptions

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Second Annual AFE Region 8 Trade Show & Workshops
Thursday, March 29, 2018
Workshops 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM;  Trade Show Reception:  4:00 – 6:00 PM

Workshop Schedule – Note Updated Schedule
(see below for detailed descriptions)

Track 1 – Plant Efficiency and Optimization
Track 2 – Safety and Emergency Management

9:00 -10:15 AM Workshop Track 1 & 2 – Session 1
Track 1 – Eversource Energy Savings and Rebates
Track 2 – OSHA Overview and Top 10 Citations to Avoid

10:15-11:45 AM Workshop Track 1 & 2 – Session 2
Track 1 – Approaching Chilled Water Plant Optimization without the BAS “Blackbox”
Track 2 – Emergency Management Considerations in Facility Design

1:15-2:30 PM Workshop Track 1 & 2 – Session 3
Track 1 – Boiler Plant Optimization
Track 2 – FM Global – Ten Qualities of a Well Protected and Resilient Property

2:45–4:00 PM Workshop Track 1 & 2 – Session 4
Track 1 – Efficient Steam
Track 2 – Risk Assessment and Business Continuity for Facilities Managers

Workshop Descriptions

Track 1 – Plant Efficiency and Optimization

Boiler Plant Optimization

Instructor: Dan Burnell

Boiler Plant Optimization is a complete assessment of the boiler room with respect to the four cornerstones of a successful plant operation:  Efficiency; Sustainability; Reliability and Safety.  After defining the various items impacting the four cornerstones, the program will outline the procedure and methodology needed to improve upon each one of them.

Approaching Chilled Water Plant Optimization without the BAS “Blackbox”

Instructor: Nick Keller

This workshop will cover chilled water pump optimization, what drives savings, different intensities of optimization, multiple companies “blackbox” (or lack thereof) offer/approach, case studies.

Eversource Energy Savings and Rebates

Instructor: Robert Melchionda, Eversource

This workshop will cover the utilities role in providing incentives and rebates for energy related projects.  The presentation will discuss the Mass Save Programs and the utilities involvement in energy efficiency.  From New Construction to Retrofit projects, the utilities have funds available to support projects pertaining to energy efficiency.  Learning outcomes will consist of what projects will qualify for incentives and rebates, and how to obtain those funds to help impact project financials. You will learn how a project gets started from submitting an application through construction completion and timelines for when money can be released for a project.

Efficient Steam

Instructor: Francis M. Maheno, F.W. Webb

This workshop will cover Steam & Condensate System Stall as it applies to water heating, air heating, and overall process heating.  Stall is most simply described as the flooding of steam heat transfer equipment under normal operating conditions, which can lead to frozen coils, ruptured heat exchangers, and inconsistent temperature control.  We will discuss this topic from both an operational and energy perspective focusing on the premature failures and reduction to system efficiency if Stall is not addressed.  Finally, we will cover several ways to identify and alleviate Stall resulting in less preventative maintenance and energy consumption.

Track 2 – Safety and Emergency Management

Risk Assessment and Business Continuity for Facilities Managers

Instructor: Marc C. Lieber, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

This workshop will provide information on risk assessment considerations for facility managers and ways to maintain or restore critical functions through business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Emergency Management Considerations in Facility Design

Instructor: Captain Raymond J. Perry, CEM, USCG (Ret.), Massachusetts Maritime Academy

This workshop will highlight the benefits of considering emergency management in the design and management of facilities.  A framework for such consideration, as well as examples of design improvements beyond what regulations require or standards suggest, will be discussed.  Providing an opportunity for sharing information among attendees is an objective of the session.

Ten Qualities of a Well Protected and Resilient Property

This presentation will review the 10 basic qualities of a well protected and resilient property. These qualities are supported by the FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets, and the work of its Research Campus.

In today’s highly competitive environment, companies are struggling to stay on top by finding ways to both limit expenses and increase profits. No company can afford the loss of property and productivity from destruction caused by fire, natural hazards or equipment outage.

Although insurance helps to alleviate some costs associated with property damage, the intangible loss — loss of time, customers, goodwill and trained employees — generally is not covered. Equipment damaged within minutes can take months to repair or replace. In the meantime, skilled employees find new jobs. If that happens, time must be taken to train new personnel and obtain and set up new equipment. Key executives have to spend their time dealing with the loss, rather than developing next year’s business plans.
What’s the impact? Market position may be lost. And, inflation and material shortage may make rebuilding difficult and costly.

For these reasons, FM Global identified 10 basic qualities to protect industrial, commercial and institutional properties. By communicating these qualities, we hope to encourage you to carefully examine your own facility. In areas where you find deficiencies, you can make changes that will protect your property against a major loss.

Instructor: David Moran, Assistant Vice President, Senior Engineering Specialist, FM Global – Boston Operations

OSHA Overview and Top 10 Citations to Avoid

Instructor: Kathryn Swanson Flannery, MS, Massachusetts OSHA Consultation Program 

This workshop will provide a general overview of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, including the top 10 citations and the more common standards, including OSHA recordkeeping.

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